Atlanta Fundraising Auctions and Benefit Auctions

Debi Knight
Past President
Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce, Panama City Beach, FL. 

As the Past President of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce for over sixteen years, I am honored to have had the pleasure of working with Sam Belcher from our first ever Holiday Auction to all of the other auction events, the chamber of commerce organized. With Sam’s help and expertise, we raised over $200,000!
Sam’s knowledge, enthusiasm, skills, energy and stamina were the big factors of why we hired Sam to be a part of the chamber’s annual events. Because of his involvement, our annual events grew each year with greater turn out, and better auction item. Overall, we had a great time for everyone!
Sam is also a great listener and will help you organizer any time of auction event you are looking for, past or present.
I highly recommend Sam Belcher for your next event or auction and look forward to Sam working with us again in the near future.

Sam Belcher of Atlanta Fundraising Auctions

Chuck Beam
President and Owner Beam and Associates,
Pine Mountain, GA. 

I met Sam when he was just out of auction school. He came to one of my auctions, introduced himself to my Chief Auctioneer who introduced him to me. At the first visit we put him on the auction block to see how he would do. To my surprise, he immediately lit up the audience. It gathered new life and started bidding more.

When he came a second time, we again put him up on the block for a short time trial and again he achieved same result with the buying audience.

When Sam came to the third auction, my Chief Auctioneer had just informed me that she was leaving to another job. I asked Sam to take over and call the whole auction. He did so and did an excellent job. He stayed as my Chief Auctioneer for the next 20 years until I retired.

I recommend Sam as an auctioneer to anyone. He is an excellent auctioneer who connects to the audience. He was also doing fundraisers in his community to help the various organizations at the same time he worked for me. I worked with him on a couple associated with the Auction School we organized. He is an excellent teacher to auction students attending the school we still conduct.  

Atlanta Fundraising Auctions at St. Benedicts Episcopal Church

Lynn Strickland
Fundraising Committee
St Benedicts Episcopal Church
Smyrna, GA.

Sam helped us add a live auction to our normal silent auction - and our fundraising results skyrocketed! Sam was fun and energetic - and the crowd (many new to live auctions) adored him. He was also extremely valuable during our upfront planning - with many great ideas, insights, and strategies - and suggestions for the behind-the-scenes processes.

The live auction ended up being the highlight of our event this year. We've already locked him in for next year.

Atlanta Fundraising Auctions

James M. Barnes, Jr. 
Steering Committee 
Ducks Unlimited
Marion, AL.

I have been practicing law here for over 40 years. I am on the steering committee for the Marion, Alabama chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Our primary fundraising event is a dinner raffle/silent auction/live auction. Sam Belcher has served as the auctioneer for the live auction several times.

Sam is an excellent fundraising auctioneer. He is quite articulate and has a clear chant easily understood by the audience. Sam keeps the pace slow enough that all bystanders and bidders can understand him. Yet with 35-40 live auction items, he keeps it moving.

Sam utilizes his chant, his ring men and his rapport with the audience, to obtain the highest bids possible. And he knows when to hit the peak and SELL the item.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sam Belcher to any organization interested in utilizing his skills as an auctioneer in its fundraising efforts. Thank you for your consideration.  

Atlanta Fundraising Auctions

Debi Knight
Board of Directors
Beach Care Services Charity
Panama City, FL.

Sam Belcher is well known in our community and has helped a number of organizations and charities raise thousands of dollars during fun events throughout the years!
He brings excitement, energy and professionalism to every event auction that he has been involved with!
We look forward to working with Sam again in the near future and we would recommend any type of auction that you are looking for. Your event will be a huge success if Sam is involved. 

Testimonial from Jim Thompson for Atlanta Auctioneer Sam Belcher

Jim Thompson
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Birmingham, AL.

Sam, what a great auctioneering job you did for the Sigma Chi Fraternity during their recent event at Auburn University. Your prowess as a top quality auctioneer was evident when you received a $7,000 bid for a $3.00 ball point pen. Truly outstanding!
We all owe you a large debt of gratitude for your outstanding service.
Best Regards, Jim Thompson 



Atlanta Fundraising Auction - Testimonials

Rick Gieryn, Jr.
Executive Vice President / General Counsel
Axis, Atlanta, GA.

Thank you for working as the Auctioneer at the Benefit for the Duke Cancer Institute. You did a great job! We hope to see you at next year’s event. Best regards,

Atlanta Fundraising Auctions - Sam Belcher in Action