Answers to your Fundraising Auction Questions

Do you do fundraising auctions only in Atlanta?

We cover Atlanta, but we also cover most of North Georgia, parts of the rest of Georgia and parts of Alabama and Florida. Email us your specifics, and we’ll get back to you very quickly, usually within 24 hours.

Why should we have a fundraising auction?

A fundraising auction will increase your revenue, increase the number of donors to your organization, and gain you more publicity for your organization.

Why hire a fundraising auctioneer instead of using a local celebrity or Commercial Sales auctioneer?

Local celebrities and friends may be great masters of ceremonies. It takes training to run a successful fundraising auction. There is a difference between the “Benefit Auctioneer” and “Commercial Sales” auctioneer. In commercial sales the auctioneer speaks very fast and is just focused on the product being sold. However, benefit auctioneers slow down so the audience can understand them but keep the pace and energy level up throughout the auction.

Why should we hire you? 

We are skilled and experienced professionals committed to the science of planning and conducting fundraising auctions.

We cover Atlanta and elsewhere.

How soon should we engage your company if we want to have a fundraiser? 

The sooner the better once you are committed to conducting a fundraising auction. We prefer to be engaged early in the process to assist in planning, staffing for the auction and assisting the donation solicitors with ideas. Success is built on months of planning.

How much consulting can we expect?

We will get as involved as you want and for as long as you want.

Can we get free consulting to see if you are a fit for our organization? 

Sure! That is how we normally do business. We like to sit down with the committee, discuss past fundraisers you have had, ask some questions and offer some solutions for trouble spots you may have experienced.

Can you help with the Silent Auction? 

Absolutely! We like to help plan both Silent Auctions and Live Auctions so that on auction night they complement each other.

Do you bring “Bid Spotters” and a team?

No. We like to train your organization team members. That way everyone has some buy in for success.

How many auction lots should we have? 

We like to limit the live items to no more than 20-25 since we have to get them sold before members of the audience feel they must go home. We like to finish the live portion in one hour or less. Empty chairs don’t bid and buy. We can sell as many silent auction items as you have during the course of the event.

Why hold a Live Auction? We have always had Silent Auctions. 

A live auction adds fun and energizes the audience. It allows the audience to have a great time while fundraising for your organization.

Do you provide Bid Cards, Silent Auction Sheets and Clerk sheets?

Yes, if your organization requests them. Some organizations have developed their own method of registering and recording paperwork.

What are your rates?

We charge a flat fee for our consulting and auctioneering services. Our fees are based on the experience of the auctioneer. We do not ask for a deposit and never invoice before completing the project. We will be happy to share our rates with you. Please contact us directly. In order to be in compliance with the FCC anti-trust laws, we do not publish fees.

Atlanta Fundraising Auctions - Sam Belcher in Action